Wednesday, July 2, 2014


All you selfish pricks

With your selfie clicks

And your likes and likes

Without even a thought

To enlist or even

Evolve past your

Self-interest or

Even dislike or

Discuss the currency

Of your lust

Nor the dust that’s settled

On your real life

So uptight but so

Loose and lovely

In the light from the screen

I scream into micro-

phones but no one


I tap and prod

And I peak and poke

But the letters like spokes

In a wheel are broke

And ain’t nobody no-

body gonna fix ‘em

when you’re a nobody

no body—

and the elixir to this

mix is I know I

do it all too—I am

become death

destroyer of illusions

utilized to replace

my delusions which

have dissipated over

the years spent

guarded from the

bombardment of images

barreling towards me

like headlights on the highway

And there are times

when I do feel connected

to the power source

when deliberate accidents

happen and I use

the illusions to manifest

real life

spirit clicks

More than toe

jobs or ankle licks—

a desperate yearning

for the ultimate fix
(photograph by Barron Claiborne)

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