Monday, November 15, 2010


Stoned baby blue
In Memphis
Just like a woman
You got to go
To school

Tangled up
In the arms of love
And the hands of God
Looking at Jerusalem

White hat
Black coat
Red striped trousers
And sensible boots
Of leather

(A wide stance)

It’s hard
I know

What did you see
Darling ones
And broken
Twenty miles out of town

I thought
The answer to my prayer
Was you
It’s just not as fun
As it used to be

Walking thru
Washington Square Park
On an asphalt
Wave of warmth
And fulfillment
We stopped a perfumed lady
Before we visited
An old friend of yours
On Bleecker Street

Now I'm on
Highway 61
Or did we just miss
Another road

Too hot to sleep
Not dark yet
But we’re getting there

He was the
Best Mind
Of his little group of friends

Not the smartest
Or the most

But the kindest
And it’s still not dark yet
But I’ll get there

A ballad of a thinner man
Oh me
Oh you
Oh my
Oh mercy
A new one

Like a rolling

Good night

(photo by Gerard Malanga)

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